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Chintsa East

A little piece of paradise just a few kilometres north of East London, Chintsa is an unspoiled beach resort of kind that’s fast disappearing in this hustle-and-bustle world.
Come here and you will have to slow down.
Walk along 30 kilometres of beach, bathe in the warm water of the Indian Ocean, thrill to the discovery of a rare and beautiful shell or lose track of times as you gaze into endlessly fascinating rock pools along the shore. Sleep to the rhythm of the seasons - let the nature of Chintsa soothe and relax you.

If you need a little activity, enjoy horse riding, game viewing, angling, bird-watching, river cruises, boating, tennis, bowls and boule and much more - in the comfort of a semi-tropical climate (winter day-time temperatures average around 21°C and night-time temperatures rarely fall below 10°C
Mama Tofu

Learn more about Xhosa culture:
Experience the authentic Xhosa culture of South Africa close to us, with Mama Tofu as your guide and narrator. Together with her daughter, Zinzi, she explores the sacred rituals and daily way of life within a Xhosa village.
The tour begins with an inspiring and energetic welcome dance enhanced by rythymic drumming and singing, colourful costumes with traditional beadwork.

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